Thursday, August 6, 2009

little love note

Hi everyone!

this is nikki. i want to give a HUGE thanks to jamey for setting up this blog; he and todd both are just productive as hell (it really puts me to shame some meetings :) ) and i really appreciate all of the hard work you guys do to keep this group moving forward. thank you.

i'm also really proud of all of us for really devoting our time & energies to this show - remember when a meeting consisted of 2 hours of us each talking about what we were working on outside of side work? now our meetings are firework displays of brain power & creativity, and we've gotten so much done, not only on the artistic side of it but, especially yesterday, on the business side of it as well. to quote jamey from monday's meeting, "i love ideas." :)

and on a more personal note, this group has really done a lot for me. before we started, i was burned out & was seriously considering turning my back on creative endeavors, getting a "real job" and possibly moving away from LA. i felt like my career & success was out of my control and i hadn't felt the joy of creating for a long time - auditioning for casino commercials and poorly written student films and no-chance-of-getting-picked-up pilots just wasn't cutting it. i felt like an "actor for hire" not an artist. then i got jamey's email about putting this group together, and
that very first meeting at aroma cafe was the first time in a long long time that i felt inspired.

during my time in this group, i've hit quite a few mental brick walls and felt like i was really putting my creativity to the test; it hasn't been easy for me. but the ideas that have come out of me through this process have been well worth the struggle. not since college have i felt the freedom to explore my ideas, the comfort to to make suggestions, and the cohesive nature of a true team like i do in side work. thank you all for treating me with acceptance and respect; you've made me feel like an artist, and that's something i don't ever want to lose sight of again.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." ~ Picasso

xo, Nikki

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  1. you are beautiful and talented
    follow your dream